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Think Local and thrive: the importance of supporting local businesses in Palm Desert

Think Local and thrive: the importance of supporting local businesses in Palm Desert

There are so many reasons to support local businesses and in a tightly-knit community like Palm Desert, supporting the local economy means that we all win. In these uncertain times, many people turn to local businesses when they are feeling cautious about their finances, preferring to give their money to people they know and trust as opposed to the alternative.

The businesses themselves treat every transaction as an important exchange and will reward loyalty by catering to your needs, often bringing in specialty items they wouldn’t normally stock or at the very least greeting you by name when you come through the door.

Here are some more great reasons to think local:

  1. When you buy from a local business, $68 out of $100 spent stays in the community, supporting your neighbors and the businesses you love. This number is about double what it would be in the case of a national chain.
  2. Small businesses employ more people locally, accounting for 77 percent of new jobs created.
  3. Local businesses are invested in the community and make it a better place to live and work.
  4. Local businesses contribute more to community charities and non-profits than big chains.
  5. Small local businesses have a smaller impact on the environment than bigger companies because they don’t need to transport their goods.
  6. Local businesses are often one-of-a-kind and contribute to the color and character of the area.
  7. Local businesses encourage social interaction and connection, providing hubs of activity and communication that feeds public interest.
  8. The more businesses that are locally owned, the better chance we have of community decisions being made by people that actually live and work here. This means our concerns are always well-represented at the local government level.
  9. In many cases, wages are much better at smaller companies. Working for a major company means that there will likely be more minimum-wage jobs as the higher-paid positions will go to regional managers.
  10. Supporting local businesses means that you are supporting entrepreneurship in America, helping people to raise their prospects and move into a better quality of life.
  11. Small local businesses make better use of public resources, as opposed to shopping malls and big box stores, which tend to be huge consumers of energy and more significant polluters.
  12. Local stores and services contribute to a walkable downtown or city center. This reduces the need to drive long distances, urban sprawl, and the eventual loss of habitat for local wildlife.
  13. The more local businesses in our town, the more we can ensure healthy competition, which will keep prices low for residents and visitors.
  14. Local businesses serve the needs of the community as they tend to sell products that residents are interested in rather than being based on a sales plan that’s been handed down by head office.

So, next time you’re shopping for essentials or even just looking for some help around the office, just think local and you’ll always win.

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