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Faces of Palm Desert with Thomas Spiglanin of Ansera Solutions

Faces of Palm Desert with Thomas Spiglanin of Ansera Solutions

This month we were able to sit down with our member, Dr. Thomas Spiglanin, author, and scientist, to discuss his published book, Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking - available now on Amazon. Spiglanin’s book focuses on six attributes that build value in the workplace: Effective communication, organizational perspective, working with others, influence, leadership, and networking. In short, this book delivers on the promise of staying relevant while out of sight as a remote worker. In the midst of a pandemic, Spiglanin breaks down why it’s important to understand how the workplace environment is changing and how employees, managers, and CEO’s navigate new ways of operating their business inside and outside of the office.

Describe yourself in just a few short words:

My passion is teaching presentation skills to engineers and intellectual individuals alike. Spiglanin says, “I’m not a management consultant, I’m a performance consultant. I can help people become better employees and better communicators, especially in the workplace.”

How did you get started in writing your book, Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking?

My original plan was to retire and use my interpersonal skills to train individuals in how to become better communicators… but then COVID happened, and it threw a big wrench into my plans. I thought to myself, “Who is going to hire a new person for stand-up training when this company has no current professional skills-training in place already?” This led me to thinking about the workplace environment as a whole and how everyone can benefit from learning about different strategies for success and how to build value at work. Thus, the book, Everyone’s Guide to Teleworking was built.

What is the concept of Telework and why is it important?

The original concept of teleworking was to work at communal centers that were at a distance from the corporate headquarters. Most people do not know that teleworking started over 20 years ago. It went through a phase where under 3% of the entire workforce was teleworking two or more days a week. Then it declined. Large companies like IMB, Google, Twitter… none of them were teleworking exclusively.

Global Workforce Analytics has been looking at alternative work styles and determined, during the peak of the pandemic, 66% of people were teleworking, compared to the original 3% pre-pandemic. Now, post-pandemic, 25%-30% of people are currently teleworking.

Who is your target audience?

Generally speaking, people who want to continue teleworking, but they may have fears that they aren’t being seen or heard in the workplace. How do you stand out and be considered for promotions and compete with your colleagues for raises every year when you do not physically work at the headquarters? People do not realize that they are going to be passed over simply because they are not physically seen in the workplace setting.  Put simply, this is a guide for someone who wants to be a teleworker. Or is a teleworker. Managers can use this book and understand their employees who are teleworking. But ultimately, everyone in the workforce can benefit from the concepts in this book.

You are a coworking member at Fusion Workplaces… did you know you needed a coworking space in order to write your book and develop your business?

Yes, I deliberately searched for “Coworking” when I was inquiring to expand my office space. I originally learned about a shared coworking environment when I attended a professional skill training in Phoenix, AZ. The virtual office setting was a pretty cool place; it was effectively was known for their open-coworking concept. This prompted me to research “Coworking Spaces in Palm Desert” to find the right environment for my projects.

What are your plans in the near future?

Right now, I have a finished website and an ongoing blog on various topics. A podcast and Facebook group have also been created. Each platform will provide creative and entertaining content and will bring something of value to every-day life. The topic discussions will feature “something you can do a little bit different or a little bit better.” Spiglanin says, “Spend your work break with us!”

The book is “For Annette”… Was she a major influence in writing this book?

Absolutely. This book would not exist without her. She encouraged me all along the way. She truly is an extraordinarily kind and thoughtful person - the fact that we are in love is the icing on the cake.

Feel free to check out his Website for more information.

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