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El Dorado Hills

Founded in 2011, Business Workspaces was born because we understand that today’s work environment needs to support different business needs. We specialize in creating work environments that are professional, collaborative, inspiring, and comfortable.

Today’s businesses and professionals recognize the benefits and added value associated with offering a positive, unique workplace experience. That’s where we come in. Our space in El Dorado Hills is people-centric and offers a strong sense of community. Both of these elements, when combined with a wide variety of business services, can drive positive interactions and results that often translate into growth and innovation.

At Business Workspaces we have fully embraced the concept of workspace-as-a-service, providing you with all of the necessary tools and support to help your business thrive.


Private Office Space

Our private offices can accommodate teams of up to 20 people. They are fully furnished and the monthly rate includes all utilities and amenities, as well 24/7 building access. Each private office can be customized to meet different needs and preferences and our on-demand services promise a seamless, integrated workplace experience.


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Virtual Office

The perfect solution for professionals that don’t rely on a desk to get their work done every day, for companies seeking to enter new markets, for frequent business travelers, and for the cost-conscious entrepreneur or home worker.

Our virtual office solutions offer a prestigious address and support staff, as well as limited access to work and meeting space. We offer several packages and bundle service options to make sure that your business needs are met on flexible, reliable terms.


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Meeting Rooms

Need to catch up with your team or clients? Are you leading a strategy session, giving a sales presentation, or participating in a brainstorming session? Book one of our meeting rooms for an hour or day; we can accommodate between 4 to 14 guests and are designed to make the meeting experience pleasant, comfortable, and seamless. Catering and beverage services can be hired on-demand.


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Coworking Space

Open Coworking

Our coworking memberships are the ideal workspace solution for those in need of maximum flexibility. Available on daily, weekly, or monthly terms, our coworking area is first come, first serve and offers 24/7 access, ergonomic furniture, and a vibrant environment. Our on-site café, outdoor patio, and lounge area are perfect to meet new people or to get creative tasks done.


Dedicated Desk

Perfect for those that enjoy the buzz of shared environments but also like their own personal space. Our dedicated desk membership renders 24/7 access, as well as a personal and exclusive workstation fully equipped with ergonomic furniture and storage options.

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