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Hiring and Retaining Top Talent is the New Normal

Hiring and Retaining Top Talent is the New Normal

Today’s companies face the challenge of keeping their staff loyal and long-term, especially since the covid pandemic, during which attitudes about work structure have experienced a shift. An effective hiring process is an essential step to securing top-notch candidates that fit in with your company culture. That alone isn’t enough, and finding the motivational triggers to retain employees is becoming more challenging than ever before.

Instinct is Not Enough When Hiring

Most employers have an instinct about whether someone is the right fit for the available position. However, these feelings aren’t always reliable. It’s important to remain objective and use targeted questioning to verify points on their resume. Always check references! Looking at their social media pages can also give a good insight into their character and interests.

Time is Money When Recruiting

The full spectrum of steps taken when recruiting a new employee costs money and uses up a lot of valuable time. In some cases, hiring just one new staff member could cost between $7000 and $15000, depending on the nature of the job. Streamline your hiring process for efficiency and keep it relevant to the position available. Engage in social media to promote your company to find potential candidates within your network.

Selling Your Good Points

Attracting top talent to your company is no longer just about the position title, salary, and employee health benefits. Times have changed, and new candidates want to grow within a company and be an active part of the company’s growth. They are interested in how working for you will be advantageous to them, what incentives you are offering and what makes your corporate culture appealing. Top talent will expect advantages to work both ways. 

Regular Assessments

Respectful feedback from employers helps to develop employee trust and confidence. Share in open communication and conduct regular reviews with an employee, thus enabling both parties to resolve any issues, allowing honest assessment on progress and development. Employees will feel that they are valued and that their voice matters.

Value Their Skills

You hired them for their abilities, personality, and fit within your company culture. Demonstrate your company’s commitment by allowing employees to advance through challenging new responsibilities that encourage skill development. Rewarding achievement will fortify their commitment to you.

Incentives and Rewards

Depending on the company, incentives could be a host of different things. Revenue-sharing can motivate employees to perform at their best to the benefit of themselves and the employer. Not all employees are focused on monetary compensation, however. Discovering innovative ways to recognize their contributions to the company are excellent morale boosters, and examples might include public recognition of merit, company excursions, or celebrations for milestones realized.

Taking a Break

Expecting employees to be slaves to their job is a sure-fire way of saying goodbye to your top talent. For many now returning to the corporate environment after a couple of years working from home, attitudes have shifted with employees wanting more personal time. Ensure that everyone is provided with ample vacation days and stay realistic about sick days and other reasons for time off. Flexible shifts and reasonable workflow expectations will help minimize the negative stress.

Finding a top talent employee that fits in with your company culture helps maintain a healthy work environment. Achieve this goal by adopting a focused, objective hiring process. In turn, this will lead to the retention of happier, motivated employees.

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