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How entrepreneurs can add value to local communities

How entrepreneurs can add value to local communities

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to work in a vacuum. Being connected to and engaged with your local community has so many benefits. The good you do will radiate outwards and provide value in many ways. It can significantly improve your standing in the community both directly and indirectly and it is also a chance for you to do something meaningful for your neighbors and other local businesses.

Looking for some ideas? Here are some great ways to stay connected to your community and get involved in initiatives that really matter:

1. Volunteer for a local cause

Is there a local movement that means something to your neighbors and other local businesses? Stay on top of current events to discover what causes need the most support and lend your voice. This could be as simple as joining a mission already in progress, or as ambitious as recognizing a need and spearheading a solution. Local food drives, raising money to sponsor families in need, or sitting on a committee dedicated to positive change are all great ways to get involved.

2. Give back to the community

Do you have a product or service that you sell? Think about donating a portion of your sales to a community project, local sports team, or other important community-based projects. Your contribution will help keep these projects going and will be a beacon for your commitment. Your reputation will soar, and you may well expect new business based on reciprocity.

3. Partner with other businesses

Partnering with other local businesses always builds strength – and the other business do not even have to have any resemblance to yours. One interesting idea might be to offer your customers a discount at another business simply for using yours. The other business can do the same – such as “eat at my restaurant and get 10 percent off an oil change” or something similar. Moving forward in partnership is always better than going it alone.

4. Sponsor a local team or non-profit

Providing sponsorship for a local sports team, a community event, or a high-school team not only lends support to the activity itself, it keeps children and locals engaged in important projects and it gives you the chance to promote your business to a wider audience. Most sponsorship initiatives allow you to fly banners or in some way shout out your support, putting a name to the person or business responsible for keeping it going. As advertising goes, keeping it local is always money well-spent.

Staying active in your local community pays dividends – in feel-good ways but also in more tangible aspects as your efforts will come back to you ten-fold. Building a strong presence among your peers is arguably as important as having a good reputation with your customers and will deliver benefits that will support you into the future.

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