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How to make your meetings more productive

How to make your meetings more productive

Highly productive or a complete waste of time: meetings can go either way. If you want to make the most of your time in meetings, it’s important to take control of the situation before it goes off the rails.

Here are some of Fusion Workplaces’ top tips for making your meetings more productive:

1. Make sure you are meeting with the right people

There is nothing that frustrates people more than having to sit through a meeting that has no relevance or value to them. Ensure your agenda is specific to the people you are meeting with and that each attendee has a clear purpose regarding the meeting topic.

2. Map out your agenda beforehand

Write down all the items you want to cover with talking points as subheadings and then send a copy to each meeting attendee. That way, you can dive right in as soon as you sit down and avoid wasting time getting everyone up to speed with your thoughts. Take an hour or so at least a day prior to the meeting to map out your agenda and then distribute it in advance. Have printed copies handy when they arrive.

3. Stay on topic if possible

Chances are, over the course of the meeting somebody will have an important point to make that can potentially steer the meeting action in another direction entirely. Even though this point may merit attention, if it isn’t on the agenda you should make a note of it and table the discussion for another day. This will help you get through your talking points and accomplish what you set out to do.

4. Establish a start and finish time for your meeting

Setting a meeting schedule will help others plan their day around it. Make sure people have enough information prior to the meeting that they will be able to dive in as soon as they arrive. Start on time and finish on time – this will establish trust of your meeting process among the group, as it lets them know that you have respect for their time as well.

5. Encourage contribution

Everyone who is at the meeting should have something to contribute. Sharing ideas is crucial to innovation and your meetings should be conducted from the standpoint that they are supporting your company’s growth and betterment.

6. Meetings don’t always have to be “in person”

Meetings are important. They connect individuals to a shared goal or mission. Sometimes, however, the people you really need to see can’t physically attend. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be there. Telephone conferencing and video conferencing technology can help you connect with your stakeholders no matter where they are.

How Fusion Workplaces can help make your meetings more productive

Fusion Workplaces in Palm Desert can help make your meetings more productive in a variety of ways. Our front office staff is here to help you by liaising with your attendees and fielding RSVPs. We can also take over tasks like printing, copying, and collating handouts, and will be happy to help you set up connections for a voice or video conference.

Fusion Workplaces offers a range of on-demand meeting rooms, each fully equipped with everything you need to make your meeting legendary. Call today to learn more or drop by for a tour if you are in the area.

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