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Seven Signs Your Body is Overheating

Seven Signs Your Body is Overheating

In Palm Desert, temperatures typically reach over 110˚ in the summertime. While staying cool all the time might be a challenge, staying safe should be a priority. Knowing the warning signs of heatstroke and taking steps to prevent overheating could save a life.

Sunscreen can protect your skin, but the risks of the relentless Southern California desert sunshine go much deeper. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures cause damage to internal organs and the brain, and it can happen to anybody.

If you notice any of these signs, either for yourself or a loved one, get inside quickly until the symptoms taper off:

  1. You have a sudden headache. A severe, throbbing headache is never a good thing, but often it is one of the first signs of heatstroke.
  2. You are not sweating. If you are not sweating, despite the heat, this is a sign your body is not working as it should. Other manifestations in this area would include tingling skin or goosebumps, but in general, your skin will feel hot and dry.
  3. Feeling nauseated. You may feel sick to your stomach and, in more severe cases, it may progress to vomiting. Nausea is the first sign, but if you don’t want it to progress any further, you need to get into a cool, shady place and hopefully lie down until you feel better.
  4. You’ve got a high temperature. Having a temperature of 104˚ is one of the main signs of heatstroke.
  5. Your skin is turning red, even those parts that are not exposed to the sun. As your body temperature rises, your skin may turn a deep shade of red.
  6. Your heartbeat is irregular. An irregular heartbeat is a clear sign your body is in distress and could lead to a heart attack if unchecked. This could go one of two ways – either your heart may race, or it may slow down to a point where you don’t have enough blood flow to keep you going.
  7. Fatigue, weakness, and exhaustion. If you’re running out of steam to the point where you can no longer stand, if you are stumbling, or if you feel dizzy, it’s a sure sign you need to get indoors right away. Other manifestations in this area could include confusion, agitation, or anxiety, all clear signs that your body is having a hard time regulating itself. If you feel any of these symptoms, don’t ignore them as they could lead to disorientation, loss of consciousness, and seizures.

If you or a loved one experiences any of these symptoms, your body may be overheating. At the first signs, get yourself into a cool, shady place and be sure to drink plenty of water. If you think you may be experiencing heatstroke, seek medical help immediately.

Fusion Workplaces in Palm Desert wants you all to stay safe this summer! Our desert is so beautiful, but it can be deadly. Knowing the signs that your body is overheating will help you respond quickly in an emergency, and it might just save a life.




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