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Top Health & Fitness Trends for 2019

Top Health & Fitness Trends for 2019

This year it seemed like everything revolved around wellness. From talk about workplace wellness, mental health, and new workout disciplines, 2018 marked an interesting year for those mindful of their well being and their fitness.

With 2018 quickly coming to an end, people are starting to think about the upcoming year and their new year’s resolutions. Improving one’s lifestyle seems to always be among the most popular resolutions and 2019 will be no different.

Here are 4 trends that will take over the health and fitness world this upcoming year.

Tech It Up

No, robots won’t be doing the workout for you, but technology will definitely improve the entire fitness experience. From wearable devices to workout apps, technology will be at the core and center of fitness in 2019. People will have access to personal trainers through their phones, wearable technology will help measure and monitor one’s physical activity, and technology will even help people recover from strenuous workouts.


Time is an individual’s most valuable asset today. In today’s always-on world, it’s hard for people to find enough time to dedicate to themselves, let alone a long workout. Luckily, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is back. You’ll see more people powering through 20-30-minute workouts full of short bursts of high intensity activity that will lead to increased calorie burning and improved metabolisms.


A significant amount of the talk around wellness in 2018 centered around mental health. This upcoming year will see an increase in talk about mental health and being mindful. This will come as a natural response for people to power off and take a moment for themselves and enjoy the beauty found in mundane, day to day activities and things. People will be more mindful about their mental health, about what they eat, how they eat, how their actions impact their bodies, souls, and the environment.


2019 will mark the year people become more conscious about getting a good night’s sleep and understanding their body’s circadian rhythm. People will be increasingly conscious of the need to rest in order to function optimally and keep their energy levels where they should be during the day and during the evening. Technology will help us in this area; wearable devices will track our sleep patterns, while smartphones are being equipped with blue light filters that simulate the light change from day to night.

Leave work and workplace tech to us, and focus on how you can use tech in your personal life to improve your fitness and health levels!


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