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Faces of Palm Desert with Laura and Roberto Balestrini

This month, we were excited to sit down with Laura and Roberto Balestrini and learn about American FootGolf League (AFGL).  Founded in 2011, the Ameri

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How to Grow Your Business With a Virtual Office

When you first launch your business, your main concern is to get the ball rolling. Depending on what type of business you do, you may need to meet with clients or suppliers now and then.

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Small Business Trends for 2019

Here’s hoping that 2018 has been a year of prosperity and growth for you and your business!

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Top Health & Fitness Trends for 2019

This year it seemed like everything revolved around wellness.

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Faces of Palm Desert with Jeff Baltor of My-Cardia

In our first edition of Faces of Palm Desert; we had the privilege to sit down with the COO of My-Cardia, Jeff Baltor.  My-Cardia utilizes the world’s

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Think Local and thrive: the importance of supporting local businesses in Palm Desert

There are so many reasons to support local businesses and in a tightly-knit community like Palm Desert, supporting the local economy means that we all win.

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The importance of giving to end the year: Why we chose Full of Grace Community

As the year-end approaches, many small business owners are looking for a way to give back to their community in a charitable way.

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Downsizing your office? Here are a few strategies that can help

If you find your office a little less populated in recent months, you’re not alone.

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How to re-engage dead prospects and turn the tables on your sales results

Many people assume that just because a prospect has not responded in a while that it’s a dead issue. In truth, you just need to reconnect that lost thread.

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